Five Myths About Black Love-Exposed!

MYTH #1:  Black people don’t get married. 

This is silly.  Of course we get married!  Statistically, men and women are waiting longer to get married, if they marry at all.  Marriage rates are going down across all races.  Read more about more Black marriage myths.

MYTH #2:  Black women want to be in charge of everything all of the time.

Does anybody do “everything” “all of the time?”  It’s true that some Black women are used to being self-reliant, but this is usually not a personal choice.  Given the option, most Black women would welcome a partner’s help with shared interests and responsibilities.

MYTH #3:  Black men prefer a woman of another race more often than a Black woman.

Most men prefer a woman who looks like his mother and most people prefer to date within their ethnic group.  This is true across races.  Just because there are a few high-profile interracial couples does not make it a rule-it is still an exception.

MYTH #4:  Black women come with a lot of baggage.

Most people come with “some assembly required.”  Generally, the older the person, the more baggage, but only if they do not LET GO of their past.  Our unique historical trauma can unite  African American men and women, rather than divide us.

MYTH #5:  Black men don’t commit.

Black men are no different from most men:  if a woman doesn’t require a  commitment, they are less likely to commit.  There are plenty of African American men who would love to be in a committed, monogamous relationship, but he has to believe that the woman he chooses is the right one.

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