Twelve Reasons Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work

The Internet is great for most things, but not for everything. While we strive to find love in a digital world, realize why it might not work for you.

    1. It’s time consuming.  Research shows that people tend to get overwhelmed with too many choices. And not all profiles on a site represent paying or active users. The time is takes to create your profile, go through the thousands of other profiles, manage yet another email account…  There are more productive and efficient ways to meet your match.
    2. People online are usually not honest.  For example online dating site members tend to inflate their yearly salaries by 20 percent and their heights by two inches.  And those are just the “little lies” that people tell online.
    3. The goals are incompatible. Your goal is to meet your match while the goal of online dating sites is to make money.  This is an indisputable fact. If they find you a match, that is even better because it increases the market value of the site and validates the process, but that is not the true purpose of the site.
    4. You have to go outside your house to meet people.  I know that you know this, but it is worth writing and saying aloud.  Yes, Prince Charming or your Dream Woman just might knock on your door.  But it’s highly unlikely.
    5. After the initial excitement wears off, online dating can get boring.  For more goal-oriented folks, it’s beyond boring.  You can easily get frustrated when you don’t get results.  That is why many online dating sites are now taking people offline for social gatherings.
    6. Online dating sites are expensive.  Sure, some give a free trial period and the monthly fees are relatively low.  But if you are registered with multiple online dating sites for a year… you do the math.  You might as well travel to Africa!
    7. There is a clear lack of love science.  Some sites are just an open market while others use very limited statistics and formulas.  Just because we both like basketball does not make us compatible.
    8. Online dating sites have no soul.  Can you really know who a person is and what he/she is about through a profile?
    9. Online dating is more competitive than offline dating.  Dating sites favor conventionally attractive people, who are vigorously pursued by many more than they would be in real life, making it significantly harder for the “average” person to compete.
    10. For too many people, online dating sites are just a game.  The players, womanizers, predators, dating-handicapped, gold diggers—that are all there and it’s up to you to weed them out.
    11. Love for a select few does not mean love for you. By focusing on a few success stories, online dating sites make you believe that true love is possible for you, too. “Possible” does not mean “likely.”
    12. There is lack of development and progress.  If you make relationship mistakes offline, you will continue to make them online.  Dating sites do not address poor relationship skills, dating behavior or other questionable decision-making in the development of successful relationships.


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