Test Your Love Awareness: Quiz

We know that you are complex and this is a simple quiz.  Answer each question honestly and to the best of your ability.

  1. I am willing to invest this much TIME to develop a new relationship:

A)    0-5 hours per week
B)    6-10 hours per week
C)    10-20 hours per week
D)    As many hours as it takes!

  1. When it comes to changing my PHYSICAL APPEARANCE to make myself a more attractive match, (for example, your hair, clothes, weight):

A)    I don’t think that I should have to change anything.
B)    I am not very open.
C)    I am open to changing, but not too much.
D)    Whatever works best, I am willing to try.

  1. I am willing to spend this much MONEY to find my dream match:

A)    No more than $100
B)    $100-500
C)    $600-1,000
D)    As much as it takes!

  1. When meeting a potential partner for the FIRST time, I am:

A)    Not comfortable at all.
B)    Slightly uncomfortable
C)    Comfortable.
D)    Extremely comfortable.

  1. When it comes to COMMITMENT in a long-term, exclusive relationship, I am:

A)    Definitely not ready.
B)    Almost ready.
C)    Ready.
D)    Very ready.

SCORE Your Answers:

Give yourself one point for each A answer.
Give yourself two points for each B answer.
Give yourself three points for each C answer.
Give yourself four points for each D answer.

Add your total and see the RESULTS!

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