Sexual Healing


Those of us who have positive sexual experiences knows that sex is a healthy way of expressing love and affection.  It is that extra spark that keep things going!  When it’s good, sex also has restorative powers, stimulating your brain and body in unimaginable ways.   It can help you refocus your mind, increase your love energy, be more positive and feel great.

To maximize your sexual healing:

  • Sex in long-term, committed, loving relationships allows SAFETY in consistency, freedom of expression and connection.  Like other forms of healing, sex is mental, physical and spiritual.
  • Do something different.  Vary your lovemaking schedule and positions.
  • Don’t be afraid to be someone different.  Change your look with wigs, sexy lingerie and don’t be afraid to role play (think, night nurse, male stripper).
  • Set the mood with incense, wine and candles.  Everyone looks beautiful by smoky candlelight after a glass of good wine.
  • Keep it fresh by maintaining good hygiene.  You can use bathing as a prelude with the promise of more to come.

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