Trust Your Intuition


Everyone has an opinion:  your family, friends, coworkers, even strangers.  When it comes to love and relationships, above all, trust your intuion.  Your intuition is that gut instinct, inner voice, spiritual guidance which tells you what feels right and what feels wrong, who drains you and who uplifts you, what you feel obligated to do vs. what you are designed to do.


Love for My Brothers

Diablo Brotherhood copy

I applaud the brothers who are doing well, often unseen and unheard.
Thank you, fellas, for giving us balance!

Does Denzel Have a Point?

Denzel Tweet Nov2012

I am glad that Denzel Washington spoke about what needs to be spoken about.  As an advocate and supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, he is also playing his role as part of the solution.

However, I can’t join the bandwagon and engage in male-bashing!  There are also too many gossiping, phony, broke, nonproductive women out here, too. And let’s not forget:   it is the women who are accepting these “men.”

Universal law and cosmic science dictates that for every good man, there is a good woman and for every bad man, there is a bad woman.  Unfortunately, the negative ones (male and female) get the most attention. Let’s change that.  I like uplifting brothers who are doing well.

I am also all for re-programming, starting with self.  From there, we can share our knowledge with others.  When we develop ourselves and mentor our youth, our sisters and brothers learn what is means to be man and woman in today’s society.  We are teach them how to value and love themselves, their family and their communities.