Relationship Attraction

Single vs in Relationship


When a man or woman is in a relationship (i.e., involved, taken), they tend to appear MORE attractive to members of the opposite sex.  Most people believe this and some of us have witnessed it personally, but there is scientific evidence that also supports it.

When a man or woman is in a relationship, it conveys the fact that this person is good relationship “material.”  In other words, they become more “relationship-worthy.”  If someone tries to take your significant other away from you, most likely it’s not anything personal–apparently, it’s human nature.

When someone is alone, it is hard to judge if s/he would make a good girlfriend or boyfriend.  But when they have a girlfriend or boyfriend, especially a socially attractive one, their “real estate” goes up and they become more valuable.   Their worth increases tremendously and others respond to this relationship validation.

In addition, when we are in loving relationships, we convey a sense of security and peaceful lovingness (yes, peaceful lovingness!).  This love radiates from us and is contagious.  Others feel it and want it for themselves, too.

Just know that the world is abundant.  There are plenty of men and women!  We don’t have to take anything from anyone else to get something for ourselves.  Always remember karmic law.  And if it can be taken from you, it wasn’t really yours, after all.

Women Prefer Facebook Over Sex


Many men and women have become so addicted to online social media that 57% of 1,020 women in Cosmopolitan magazine’s Sex and Social Media survey would rather give up sex than stop using the Internet for a night.

Chatting with friends, flirting–forming and maintaining relationships has now switched to an online activity instead of the off-line activity that it used to be.  And now, we see the impact that Internet and social media sites are having on their sex lives.

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Sperm Wars?!


From Sperm Wars: What Happens When Females Play The Game? @

When a man has sex with a woman, he releases millions of living sperm cells through ejaculation. The sole purpose of 99% of these sperm cells is to seek and destroy any remnants of sperm that may be present in the woman’s body from her last sex partner.

A female’s body is not designed to host two sperm donors simultaneously. Inevitably one donor will provide the champion seed that will plant it’s flag and claim victory. In this way the strongest of the two species survives and the weaker is defeated.

Similarly, a woman isn’t mentally or emotionally designed to have multiple sexual partners. When a female has sex with a guy, the act of him entering her allows his life force and energy to enter her as well. That man’s life force and energy then becomes a part of that woman’s emotional and mental character. The more of a man’s life force she takes inside of her, the more like that man she becomes. She starts to take on his ideological outlook on life, and begins to reflect the essence of who that man is…

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