The Right Man

How to Find & Choose the Right Man is perfect for anyone who can benefit from learning how to make wise decisions when it comes to romantic relationships.  The age-appropriateness and reading level is 9th grade and above.  Excerpt from Black Girls Guide:  How to Find & Choose the Right Man:

BBG_Man FRONTWorking with women and girls for over 20 years, there is one thing I know… we are all looking for stable, loving, relationships. While there are some women who claim that they love the single life, we are all social beings in an interconnected universe who often crave the love of an understanding and committed partner.

In 2012, I started African American Matchmaking to help Black people find loving relationships with each other. Deep down inside, I believe that companionship is not just desired, but required, and that it does not just include romantic relationships. Of course, we all know that romantic relationships are great! They are a very special, unique and distinct type of companionship.

As African Americans, our historical trauma has negatively impacted our modern-day male/female relations. To a large extent, many of us have to relearn our notion of healthy family life because it is not what we have experienced, individually or collectively.

We choose what we want and allow from those around us. What I have noticed is that when it comes to men, many of our choices are not always good ones. However, just as we choose badly, we can choose well.

Let’s use the power of choice to find and choose a man who will love, respect and cherish us. Why not? We deserve it!

Read more at’s Look Inside.

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