A Matchmaker Answers Your Questions-Part 2


Angela D. Coleman, African American Matchmaker

Inspired by your first set of questions (see A Matchmaker Answers Your Questions), I am now answering a second set of questions! 

1)  Is your database or the profiles posted online?
As you can see from our site, no photographs or other confidential information is ever shared with ANYONE and there are no public profiles.  As a representative of African American Matchmaking, your client information is confidentially guarded and nothing is made public.

African American Matchmaking is NOT an online dating site (See Matchmaking vs. Online Dating).

2) How are potential matching candidates introduced and what information is traded beforehand?
When I have a potential match, I will give him/her your contact information ONLY WITH YOUR PERMISSION.  I will encourage you to exchange further information and schedule your first date, but it is ultimately your decision.

3) Is the weekly membership fee a automatic reoccurring charge? What is the commitment or guarantee to the individual? 
Once you become an African American Matchmaking member, the weekly membership fee is an automatically recurring, nominal charge that is set up through PayPal.  No matchmaking services, including African American Matchmaking, can guarantee a match for you.

Because each person is unique, there is no “average” time for finding a match. There are so many factors that affect the matchmaking process.  We ask that you give us a minimum amount of time to try African American Matchmaking.  Many matchmaking services  require a 6-month contract.  We require significantly less time to give you an opportunity to see how the process works and give you an idea of what African American Matchmaking can do to help you meet your goal.  Realistically, most times, it takes longer than 10 weeks to find a lifelong partner.

5)   I know African American Matchmaking is still in its infancy, but what has been your success rate with matching (i.e., marriage)?   
African American Matchmaking is new.  This is why we are offering the promotion for free registration, free application process and free week of membership.  Normally, there are fees for these services. We may not have a marriage for another year or two, as most individuals looking for marriage will develop their relationship over a period of time first.  Although marriage may be the goal for many members, marriage is not the goal for each one.

7)  I understand that you have a national registry/database. Is this stating that you work with other matchmakers or where do your matches come from that are not your clients or are all matches part of African American Matchmaking?  
African American Matchmaking maintains its own databases.  Potential matches are recruited nationally for our clients and added to our national registry.

I hope that this information is helpful.  I am glad that people are asking questions and doing their due diligence.  As we proceed with African American Matchmaking membership, I am sure you will become more familiar and comfortable with the process.

Helping You Find Your Match,
Angela D. Coleman, MBA
African American Matchmaker

Love Yourself, Love Each Other

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