Where are the Men?

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Don’t believe the media hype.  Look around!  Men are everywhere.  Like women, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Some are available for relationships.  Some are not.  Some are professional.  Some are not.  Think about your choices.  Be wise in making your decisions.

HBCUs: Where Are The Black Males?

Howard University (Dist. Columbia) –Female (64%), Male (36%)
U. of District of Columbia –Female (63%), Male (38%)
Clark Atlanta University (GA) –Female (72%), Male (28%)
Albany State University (GA) –Female (67%), Male (33%)
Fort Valley State University (GA) –Female (57%), Male (43%)
Morris Brown College (GA) –Female (59%), Male (41%)
Savannah State University (GA) –Female (59%), Male (41%)
Claflin University (SC) –Female (66%), Male (34%)
South Carolina State University (SC) –Female (56%), Male (44%)
Voorhees College (SC) –Female (66%), Male (33%)
Fisk University (TN) –Female (68%), Male (32%)
Lemoyne-Owen College (TN) –Female (65%), Male (35%)
Lane College (TN) –Female (49%), Male (51%)
Tennessee State University (TN) –Female (62%), Male (38%)
Hampton University (VA) –Female (61%), Male (39%)
Norfolk State University–Female (64%), Male (36%)
St. Paul’s College (VA)–Female (63%), Male (37%)
Virginia State University (VA) –Female (56%), Male (44%)
Elizabeth City State University (NC) –Female (62%), Male (38%)
Johnson C. Smith University (NC) –Female (60%), Male (40%)
Livingstone College (NC) –Female (48%), Male (52%)
North Carolina A&T University (NC) –Female (53%), Male (47%)
North Carolina Central University (NC) –Female (64%), Male (36%)
Shaw University (NC) –Female (66%), Male (34%)
St. Augustine’s College (NC) –Female (59%), Male (41%)
Florida A&M University (FL)–Female (57%), Male (43%)
Bethune-Cookman College (FL) –Female (57%), Male (43%)

List created using data from US. News & World Report data.


How to Find & Choose the Right Man

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