Missing the Huxtables

Looking at the covers of Ebony magazine’s Black Love issues, makes one miss the Huxtables.  Don’t you?  Even thought they were a fictional couple, the Cosby Show impacted many generations in modeling healthy Black love and loving Black families.   Ebony magazine is generally progressive, but these covers cause pause.

Ebony Black Love Covers

One couple share a history of arrest records and the other just got married, like, yesterday.  Showing legs in a short dress must be a photo shoot requirement for the ladies.  Are we so obsessed with celebrity that we do not look more deeply into the quality of Black relationships?  Or are we so desperate for role models that we force Black couples into the position?  Besides our President and First Lady, what couple IS a great image of Black love?  Real or imagined, what is the new millennium equivalent of the Huxtables?

Huxtable Family