Why Men Don’t Go to Church

John Glover Speaks

Why Men Hate Going To Church is a book I purchased a few months ago. I was traveling and left my Sirius satellite Radio at home so as I was flipping through the radio stations I overheard this conversation talking about men, or better yet the lack of them so I decided to stop and listen to the conversation. Well, I’ve read the book and here is my review.

Women-at-churchWhy Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow is a candid look at why America’s Church’s are failing to attract and retain men, and the imbalance between men compared to women within the majority of churches in America. It takes a look at why attendance of men has declined. How church programs are built, and how a church can become a men magnet.

Man-PrayingThe book was an interesting read. I was hooked by the first chapter. I could not bring myself to put the book down for any length of time. The book had many gotcha moments. It also had many moments which I laughed out loud. I even stopped several times just to read to my wife a point in the book that made me laugh, but also had a nugget of truth in it. This book was eye-opening for me!

The book enlightened me in a great way. I could not help, the Sunday after I started reading the book, going to church and counting how many men versus women there were. I even found myself paying close attention to the lyrics and song choices during praise and worship. A couple of different times I just looked at my wife and smiled because many of things that I read in the book were happening right before my eyes.

The author David Murrow made me take a look at how the church I go to attracts and retains men. It made me think how our church could do a better job at developing programs specifically with men in mind. The book held my attention with all the practical advise given to help today’s churches build a place where men want to come and worship. Attract the men and I assure you that the women will come as well…. Looking for a good God-fearing MAN!

The information in the book was very appealing and structured in a cohesive manner. It took a look at the history of the church since the beginning of the decline of male attendance, to when churches began to make a concerted effort to attract men back to church. It also outlines why men are not attracted to church. The primary issue being that churches are built more around women’s needs and wants as opposed to the needs of a man. The author successfully portrayed Biblical truth to support his findings based on research and personal experience.

I would recommend this book to every pastor or person over a man’s ministry that wants to build a church that attracts men. Once the men come, their wives and children will follow… READ MORE

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