5 Tips For Creating Romance


Most of us are blessed with all 5 of our senses.  Some of us even have 6!  (The sixth sense is known as an intuitive and spiritual vision or third eye.)  By simply catering to our 5 senses, we can create a night of romance and love!

  1. SMELL.  Use scents that evoke sensuality, such as jasmine, honeysuckle, and vanilla.  This can be done with incense, scented candles, body lotion, oils, cologne, and perfume.
  2. TOUCH.  Give each other massages.  It does not have to be a full-body rub-down.  It can be a foot massage, neck rub, or back massage.
  3. TASTE.   Have snacks or hors d ourves such as fruit, cheese and crackers.  You can also have wine or cocktails.
  4. HEARING.  Play soft music or even nature sounds such as a rainshower or ocean waves.
  5. SIGHT.   Keep ALL of it visually appealing:  pretty bottles, plates, glassware, clothes, food displays, and of course, yourself!