As men and women, we are often turned on by different things. What worked for your last girlfriend could be totally off the mark for your new one and what worked for your boyfriend before, may no longer work.  It’s important to keep an edge about yourself, be ready to adapt and to never be a one trick pony. With that said, there are general factors that typically arouse most men and women.

What Men Like (In General):
Men tend to be more visual then women, so appeal to their senses. Appearance is the easiest way to do that. Wear a sexy, slightly revealing outfit that shows some things, but doesn’t reveal everything, and pair it with some red on your next date. Red is known to enhance men’s attraction  to women.

Men also appreciate confidence. A strong, confident woman can go a long way in his mind. Woman having an opinion and standing on their own can be aphrodisiacs. Women can showcase confidence inside and outside the bedroom to let their men know that they know they’re sexy.

Women who know what they like and show their men is a huge turn on to them. As a woman, having a working knowledge of your body and how it works is a great asset because then, he can actually be shown what to do. If you are a woman lacking in this self-knowledge, it might help to spend a little more time with yourself. Inspiration can also be found at a store like Adam and Eve.

Women can also send their men interesting texts during the day or whisper something while they are out eating dinner to get his attention

What Women Want (In General):
Whereas men are turned on visually, women tend to be more mental about their arousal. What happens with a woman outside of the bedroom is often more influential than what happens in it.

A lot of women are turned on by men who can make them laugh. This allows them to relax and shows them that you can not only treat them right, but also give them a good time. A funny man with a personality can get much farther than an attractive, yet boring man with no sense of humor, so you could learn more about how to make women laugh.

Like with men, confidence is also a great way to arouse a woman. There’s something about a sharp-dressed man who walks tall and knows what he wants in life. Most women find it sexy when men can stand up for them, make big decisions, and carry themselves with pride.

Making a woman feel special and sexy is a great way to turn her on. Do little things for her that show her she’s important to you. Couple these actions with compliments and positive attention. While most women do not require tons of attention all the time, most women love attention that makes them feel sexy and attractive.

When it comes to bedroom play, men should take their time.  This is imperative to a woman’s arousal. Sensual touch is essential.  Visit this link if you want to learn more about this topic.

Feel free to share your own thoughts on this topic!

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