Be Better, Not Bitter

Bitter Past

 Too many of us block our blessings with bitterness, especially when it comes to love and loving:


Initially we blame others for our circumstances and then we blame ourselves. But true growth and fulfillment can only come when you stop blaming…period! There’s a word for the mistakes we make with our finances, our children, and our relationships… it’s called life! Get used to it, because there will be plenty of mistakes and disappointments to come.

The challenge is whether or not we learn from those mistakes and apply them to our future decisions. Only when we use our pain to improve our way of thinking do we truly evolve.

~ Michael Baisden

2 thoughts on “Be Better, Not Bitter

  1. Totally agree. No matter what happens in life, i see we always find somebody or something to blame it on. When i talk with a person that had no major achievements in life, i hear that s/he always has someone else as a reason for their failure..
    And whenever a person is successful and fulfilled, there is hardly ever any criticism or blames coming out of their mouth – if something goes wrong, they directly address themselves to know what they can do better next time, or take a different approach.
    Blaming others or anything else than yourself is like a perfect excuse not to work on the personality or advancing in life.
    Great point you brought here!

  2. This is certainly true. If whether you made the mistake or another person did, forgiveness is the key? Forgiveness allows you to move forward. It does not mean that we continue to make the same mistake, but we are not held back by the same guilt.

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