5 Do’s & Don’ts: Facebook Dating Etiquette

Brother on computerFacebookaholics

It looks like Facebook is going to get into the dating business.  Maybe before that occurs, a class should be given regarding Facebook etiquette and dating.  So many problems could be avoided!  Etiquette is defined as socially appropriate behavior.  Here are a few Do’s & Don’ts for using Facebook to date:

  1. DO choose your “friends” carefully.  Once you become friends with someone, you let them into your virtual world.
  2. DO be honest about who you are, but guard  your private information.
  3. DO unfriend your ex(es) if you are going to use Facebook for dating.
  4. DON’T change your Facebook status until you feel very secure in  the long-term status of your relationship.
  5. DON’T break up on Facebook!