Our Female Members

AAM Female Members*These are just a few of our African American Matchmaking female members

African American Matchmaking maintains a national registry of eligible men and women.  Our female members are:

  • Beautiful
  • Professional
  • Sexy
  • Screened
  • Looking for that special someone

African American Matchmaking has your match!

Do you want a woman of beauty, style, and substance?

Are online dating sites making you depressed?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a matchmaker to work on your behalf, even though you’re not a millionaire?

That special someone could be you!


4 thoughts on “Our Female Members

    • Great question! We are not an online dating site. Whether or not our members want to share their pictures with the public is up to them; many of our members prefer to maintain their confidentiality and so MOST of our members (both male and female) you don’t see. However, I anticipate a male members post soon :).

  1. This seems to be a legitimate matchmaking service, my question is how do you solicit real quality single brothers that are ready for a loveship that lasts, who is honest, spiritual, loving, caring, responsible, financial secure, emotionally stable and just loves being alive to enhance others life. I find that there’s a lot of really grounded women, who know what they want and will not settle, but have a difficult time meeting that special guy that just that’s just wants that loving relationship that God will honor. I love this concept, but have reservations….due to the above.

    • Hi Debra. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I am sure that others can also appreciate your concerns. For me, the first rule of matchmaking is this: you have to have hope! If you read my posts regularly, you will find that I am all about raising love awareness, maintaining hope and faith, not just in the process of matchmaking but also in the end result. You have to KNOW that “real quality single brothers” exist and have the capacity to be yours. There are plenty of them and you only need one good one. This is completely reasonable and not too much to ask for or expect.

      The “will not settle” statement is one that I have heard before. However, this statement speaks volumes about one’s mental approach to relationships. It is the foundation of doubt that I encourage you to change. Settle for who? Settle for what? Who told you that you have to settle? Why did you believe them? There are many reasons why both men and women lower their standards when looking for a mate. (I wrote a whole chapter about standards in my book, How to Find the Right Man.) Where did the idea that we have to settle in our quest for love come from? Or better yet, how can we replace this resistance to a negative outcome with a more positive and hope-filled outlook that actually empowers us to attract and manifest what we seek?

      I believe this is just part of the work that we have to do… the key is to start.

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