Cultivating Love


Cultivation theory may be helpful to understand the lack of positive Black love images in conventional media like television:

“My area of study is communications, in particular, media and interpersonal theory…  Cultivation theory speaks to the media’s influence on developing the viewers’ perspective of what they are watching on television. Cultivation theory says that television has become the main source of storytelling in today’s society. Cultivation theory states that high frequency viewers of television are more susceptible to media messages and the belief that they are real and valid.

The other two theories, agenda-setting and framing, build the context in which cultivation theory works. By setting an agenda, media can identify attributes that influence public (viewer) perception and then constructs a frame that pushes the agenda and uses cultivation theory to deliver the visual context that work to satisfy the agenda. So in other words, agenda-setting establishes the agenda, framing theory tells us what to think about what we think, and cultivation theory is the cement that pulls it all together.”  David Barney, M.S./M.A.


Formal Couple

Loyalty is staying true to someone.  It is standing up for something you believe in without wavering.  It is being faithful to your family, country, school, friends, or ideals when the going gets tough, as well as when things are good.  With loyalty, you build relationships that last forever.

You are practicing loyalty when you:

*   Stand up for people and ideas you believe in

*   Choose your friends wisely

*   Are a faithful friend through good times and bad

*   Don’t allow loyalty to lead you into trouble

*   Don’t let others come between you and your friends

*   Are loyal to yourself

Affirmation: I am loyal to the people and ideas I care about. I stand by my friends  and loved ones.  I keep my commitments.

Virtues Project


Full, Queen or King?

Bed Size

Some believe the smaller bed produces higher levels of intimacy and others believe the larger bed produces higher levels of intimacy.  It depends on the personalities of the couple.  Do you like space or do you need to snuggle?  Like having separate bathrooms, bed size can save a relationship.

It’s Not Always About You

Love is the Elixer

Researchers have found rising levels of self-regard and narcissism correlated with rising levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness.  Countless studies demonstrate the benefit of being socially engaged.  As social creatures, most of us have a need to take part in other’s lives and have them take part in ours. In other words, it’s not always about you.

Source:  The Cost of Fame:  Is Empathy a Casuality of Our Self-Centered Age? The Rotarian, June 2013

An Extraordinary Relationship


“If you listen to other people you will end up like other people. You must be willing to do something different if you want to have an extraordinary relationship and life.”

Gant, Charyn ; M., Dahmenah. The Game Changers: How To Date Men in the 21st Century.