Your Body Language

Young Couple

Body language is a love language.  Sometimes we show more with our nonverbal communication than with words.  What is your body language saying about you?

Crossed arms=defensive, resistant

Eye contact=I am interested in what you have to say

Touching feet=flirtatious, friendly

Fast foot- or finger-tapping=nervousness, impatience

Leaning away=aversion, not wanting to participate

Side glances=distrust and suspicion

Smiling=happiness and joy

Happiness & Freedom

Woman Playing with Hair

“Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu.”
May all beings be happy and free, and my life and actions
help to create that happiness and freedom.

You Want to Get Married?

Marriage Couple

You say that you want soul mate.  You desire a match and want to get married, but you are only available after 7pm on weekdays when you are not traveling (which you do every other week) and weekends when you get at least two weeks’ notice.  It sounds like you are already married–to your career!

If  you focus most of your time on your career, it takes up most of your time and energy.  What you have left is, quite frankly, not much; not enough for a dog, a cat, a fish, a houseplant, and especially not enough for your significant other.  Men and women sense this and those who desire close companionship will (rightly) stay away from you.  Just like someone who is married, you are already taken and hence, unavailable.

If you want to get married, this goal should be prioritized with focus and dedication.  In fact, you may need to get divorced from your career first to make yourself available for true love.

How Much Does a Child Cost?

Baby (12-18 Months)

Watch your budget!  As many of us plan for the future and some of us dream of marriage and children, it would be wise to know how much it costs to raise a child today.  At the estimated cost of $241,080 per child, these blessings can be expensive.

With the study commissioned by CBS News, some assumptions have been made:  out-of-pocket health expenses, child care expenses, and the general belief that costs end when children become adults at age 18.  If you send them to college, you could spend twice as much.

Snuggling is Great! 10 Reasons Why

Lions in Love

Most of us like to hold, touch, and snuggle with the ones we love.  It makes us feel closer because we are sharing space and vibrations in a loving way.  Ten reasons why snuggling is great:

  1. Skin is the body’s largest sensory organ with millions of nerves and cells.
  2. Snuggling relaxes both the body and mind; it is protective while providing comforting reassurance.
  3. When you snuggle, you are sharing and activating chakra, centers of spiritual energy.
  4. Gentle touching slows down your heart rate and is good for your blood pressure.
  5. You don’t even have to be awake to snuggle!
  6. Snuggling is a love language that says, “I like you,” “I care,” and “I love you.”
  7. There are no rules and you can snuggle any way you want to.
  8. Snuggling provides physical affection without sex.
  9. On cold winter nights, the most efficient way to stay warm is to snuggle with another person.
  10. When you snuggle, you put pheromones on each other that mark your territory telling others, “Mine–keep off!”


Staying Beautiful: 5 Ways to Keep it With You


Both men and women appreciate beauty.  Being beautiful is more than being pretty or physically attractive.  It is both the inner self and the outer representation of that self.   Being beautiful is having a positive soulful presence that others are drawn to.  Here are 5 ways to stay beautiful:

  1. Be kind and altruistic.  Nice people are automatically more beautiful, no matter what they look like.
  2. Appreciate the loveliness in everything.  When you appreciate forms, colors, and images, you recognize the beauty in other things and other people, adding to your own.
  3. Love others like you love yourself.  Accepting, respecting, and appreciating others is the key to maintaining an aura of grace.
  4. Treat yourself well.  When you take care of yourself, you carry your beautiful at all times.
  5. Smile and laugh often.  Having fun is another way to add longevity to your beautiful self!