Snuggling is Great! 10 Reasons Why

Lions in Love

Most of us like to hold, touch, and snuggle with the ones we love.  It makes us feel closer because we are sharing space and vibrations in a loving way.  Ten reasons why snuggling is great:

  1. Skin is the body’s largest sensory organ with millions of nerves and cells.
  2. Snuggling relaxes both the body and mind; it is protective while providing comforting reassurance.
  3. When you snuggle, you are sharing and activating chakra, centers of spiritual energy.
  4. Gentle touching slows down your heart rate and is good for your blood pressure.
  5. You don’t even have to be awake to snuggle!
  6. Snuggling is a love language that says, “I like you,” “I care,” and “I love you.”
  7. There are no rules and you can snuggle any way you want to.
  8. Snuggling provides physical affection without sex.
  9. On cold winter nights, the most efficient way to stay warm is to snuggle with another person.
  10. When you snuggle, you put pheromones on each other that mark your territory telling others, “Mine–keep off!”


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