5 Ways to Be Uplifting


Being uplifting is a state of mind.  It means you inspire others to feel better and be better.  When you love in a healthy way, you uplift your partner. But you can also uplift total strangers.  You can make the choice to be uplifting.  How?

  1. EMPOWER.  Empowerment includes believing in yourself, having faith, and granting access to critical resources.  Spread the wealth!
  2. COMPLIMENT. When you see and feel something beautiful, acknowledge it to yourself and others.  Compliments are nice to give and receive.
  3. MOTIVATE.  We could all use motivation from time to time.  Helping others reach their goals also helps you reach your goals.
  4. COMFORT.  A hug, a kiss, wiping away a tear…  Providing comfort shows that you care.
  5. SHARE.  You can share a story, a dollar, your heart.  Whatever you have, open your heart chakra to be willing to share it with others.

Having Standards

Couple at Lake

“Male or female, it’s hard to respect someone who has no standards. A standard is a level of quality. This level of quality can be socially defined or defined by you. Having standards means that you respect yourself enough to reject what is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Having standards helps us be selective and make better choices.”  From Black Girls Guide:  How to Find & Choose the Right Man

What You Can Do:

  • Create your own standards. What are they?
  • Be what you seek in your significant other to ensure that your standards are reasonable.
  • Learn to be consistent with your standards to achieve maximum results when dating.