Fear, Fixation and Firmness

Couple in Thought

Dr. Dwayne Buckingham says:

“One of the most challenging aspects of entering and sustaining a committed relationship with a man is your ability to identify and walk away from single good men who are great candidates but are not qualified to be in relationships. As you improve your screening skills and learn to look beyond a man’s surface, you will understand that most single good men have the desire to settle down with the women of their dreams, buy the big white house in the suburbs and contribute to the birth of one and a half kids. However, a large percentage of single “good” men do not take that ultimate step toward oneness with that special woman because they are enslaved by fear, fixation and firmness. These three emotions typically dominate single “good” men and often dictate how they behave. If you do not learn anything else about single good men from this article, understand that fear, fixation and firmness are emotions that are deeply embedded in their psyche and often prevent many of them from entering into committed relationships and marrying. Stop wasting your time listening to men run “game” and start paying attention to their emotional makeup.”

Do you agree?  Read the entire article…

2 thoughts on “Fear, Fixation and Firmness

  1. “Sounds terrible and immature, right?”

    Yes! This article is very insightful but depressing. At some point, a man has to purpose in his heart that these things are not going to hold him back anymore. This is a battle worth fighting and winning. Maybe a trusted male mentor can help. But ultimately he needs God, with Whom all things are possible, even the conquering of long-held fears.

    These men are goinig to have much difficulty with headship in their homes, and their wives–if they ever marry–will have much trouble submitting to them and respecting them. Their children probably won’t, either. Women want men to be who God created them to be: heads of their wives, leading in raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, providing for and protecting their families, etc.

    • I would not be too depressed about the article because it is meant to enlighten all of us about men who may seem to be single and available, but are emotionally not available at all. Plus, it is good news because, with awareness and experts like Dr. Buckingham, these men can get help to heal. The healing gives them potential to be in a healthy relationship. Indeed, It is “a battle worth fighting and winning.”

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