5 Tips for a Great New Relationship in the New Year

FireworksHappy New Year!  Some of us are single.  Others are in relationships that are not meeting our needs.  What are the best ways to prepare for a great relationship in the New Year?

1. Out With the Old, In With the New.  Detach yourself so that you are available.  This detachment is physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Detachment does not require that you break up if you are currently in a relationship, although that might be the best way to separate yourself and become open to new possibilities.  Detachment is necessary to attract the love you desire. 2014

2. Get Real.  Be realistic when you see where you are in your life and what you want from a partnership.  Leave fantasy land behind and be willing to accept imperfections in people.  WITHOUT COMPROMISING YOUR STANDARDS, be open-minded to dating outside of your comfort zone, such as dating those with children, dating in a different geographic area, expanding your age range, being open to other spiritual beliefs, etc.

3. Surround Yourself With Love.  Analyze the company you keep and the relationships you maintain.  If they are not loving, find others who are. Love takes many shapes and forms and you feel its presence when it is there.  Being loved yourself helps you be more loving to others.

4. Get Off Your High Horse.  It is true that some people have more integrity, intelligence, and material success than others.  Find others who are like you but do not dismiss or throw away people for being who they are.  The belief that you are better than other people keeps you from being accessible and able to bond, not just with them, but with others who are compatible with you, too.  By being less judgmental, you are softening your heart and inviting more love into your life.

5. Learn to Give Soulfully.  Natural Law dictates:  what you give is what you get.  When you give of your energy, time, and other resources in a caring way without expectation of what you will get in return, you share your inner essence and encourage the rest of the Universe to do the same.  Remember to give what you can freely from the heart whenever you want to.

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