Are You an Alpha Female? 5 Ways to Tell

Black Women History

In the wild, the alpha is the one with the highest rank.  Most social animals, including humans, have identified alphas in the community to whom they pay much respect.  The king of the jungle can usually have the female of his choice, sometimes even more than one.  But what about the alpha female?

The alpha female seems to have it all-except love. You know you are an alpha female if:

  1. You are often the leader in your group; professionally, socially or both.
  2. The word “empowerment” has been in your vocabulary since birth.
  3. You have a hard time finding and keeping romantic relationships.
  4. You have been told that you or your success can be “intimidating” to men.
  5. You are a highly valued asset to your organization.

Both males and females can be alphas.  However, unlike alpha males, alpha females do not usually have an easy time finding a partner because they don’t fit traditional feminine roles.   Alpha females are often very successful and lovely, yet have a reputation for being aggressive, even domineering.  Ironically, these same traits are highly valued in alpha males.

While men are generally attracted to the alpha female, she tends to frighten them with her power.  Therefore, alpha females tend to exert the most influence among her female peers rather than with the opposite sex.  For example, many alpha females have “fans” or followers who are part of her regular social network; she leads and they follow. But we all know that alpha women need love, too!

Are alpha females “unmatchable”? Absolutely not.  We can all find our match.  In fact, when alpha males and females unite, they are known as an alpha pair, think “power couple.”  Alphas don’t have to pair with each other in order for the relationship to be rewarding, long-lasting, and successful.  In fact, this might not be ideal because some alphas will compete with each other instead of focusing on their loving union to uplift each other.

Alpha females need to be matched with someone who appreciates and genuinely respects their alpha qualities.  The relationship won’t work if he says he does, but in reality, he just doesn’t.  Alpha females should also be aware of being led (consciously or unconsciously) by the biological clock.  Alpha females don’t panic and they don’t settle.  It is important for alpha females to walk away from men who are intimidated by them and gravitate toward men who embrace alpha women.  Don’t worry, there are many!

How to Find & Choose the Right Man

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