4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Marriage Awesome


Do you believe in healthy and happy marriages?  Whether you are looking to get married or “been there, done that,” these are things to think about as you set the foundation for a loving, long-lasting relationship.

Solution 1: Arguing Smart
Right-fighting or fighting to be right is a waste of energy and offers a disrespectful stance. Stay on topic and don’t include past problems or topics which are not related to the subject at hand.

Solution 2: Respect and Love and Communicate
Without respect there is no true love. Valuing our unique individualism is always worthy of respect.  Always encourage each other by giving what you would like to get in return.

Solution 3:  Lighten Up
While marriage is a big step with many responsibilities attached, it is important to let the joys of life filter in and around daily living.

Solution 4: Setting the Harmonious Stage
Setting the stage for a happy marriage takes vision, patience, compromise and complete dedication to its designed purpose.

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