7 Ways to Get Her Mother to Like You

Mom Man Girlfriend

If her mother is important to her, she should be important to you, too!  Most women value their mother’s opinion, especially when it comes to relationships. When you meet her mother for the first time, what do you do?  Her approval or disapproval can make or break you.

The mother-daughter bond is usually a strong one.  Her whole life, she has likely been getting advice from her mother.  As her current boyfriend, her mother may hear about all of your disagreements and be solicited regarding major relationship decisions. How can you get the nod of approval and get her to be on your side, too?

  1. Let her mother know that your intentions are to make her daughter happy.
  2. Be proactive in inviting her mother to special family events.
  3. Include her Mom in gift-giving during holiday celebrations.
  4. Introduce your mother to let your girl know that you have a mother, too!
  5. Understand that a strong mother-daughter relationship is “normal” and don’t fight it.
  6. Avoid comparing her to her mother.
  7. Treat her daughter like a queen at all times.