As the only African American matchmaking agency in existence, African American Matchmaking is THE site for Black Love:  Advice, Inspiration and Matchmaking Services.  You can Get Started today for free.  Review our Frequently Asked Questions below.

African American Matchmaking is a national company serving the entire United States of America including its territories. We have team members in several geographic areas. African American Matchmaking is based in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, also known as Love City.

One hundred percent of our members are African American professionals and African American Matchmaking membership is exclusive. Your pictures, interviews, and profiles are never shared with the public; WITH YOUR PERMISSION, your information may be shared for marketing purposes and with potential matches.

Our social consciousness also makes African American Matchmaking unique.  Your African American Matchmaker takes your individual interests, desires and aspirations into consideration.  But we also understand the psycho-social factors that come into play when bringing individuals together, for example:  our unique history as African Americans, the current state of Black families, African American culture, historical trauma, media, and healing.

We look for the best match possible for our members.  Our matchmaker considers geography, environmental issues, personal preferences, personality traits, and other compatibility criteria for the best long-term matches.

There are no guarantees for African American Matchmaking–we know that most of our members can find a date. Matchmaking is not the same as a dating service, although many contemporary dating services call themselves “matchmaking” agencies. African American Matchmaking focuses on identifying long-term, committed matches. This takes time and can be unpredictable. We encourage interested parties to research matchmaking processes on our website, with other matchmaking agencies, and through online search engines.

At African American Matchmaking, you can Get Started for free.  Once you Get Started and complete the online African American Matchmaking Application, we will review your information. You may or may not be selected to interview for African American Matchmaking membership. African American Matchmaking membership is exclusive and selective. Only a handful of individuals who complete the online African American Matchmaking Application are invited to interview. If selected for an interview, an application fee is required.

After the African American Matchmaking interview, your application is complete and you may be approved for membership. If approved for African American Matchmaking membership through the selective membership application process, there is a monthly African American Matchmaking membership fee that includes coaching, date preparation, and relationship advice, in addition to personalized matchmaking.

African American Matchmaker, Angela D. Coleman, does the matchmaking for African American Matchmaking.  Team members across the country assist with recruitment and screening.

I am here to help you find that special someone.  I know that we can help and you have nothing to lose.  You are in control because you ultimately make the decision after we recommend a match for you.  Let’s Get Started!” 
Angela D. Coleman
African American Matchmaker

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ms. Coleman,
    I live in Atlanta GA and was wondering if you work in this area. I’m interested in joining your services and find love. I’m looking for a meaningful relationship to hopefully turn into marriage. Please let me know if you’re be able to assist me.

    • We can help most people, but it depends on a number of factors. If you fill out the application on the Get Started page, I will have more information. If we believe we can match you, you will be invited to interview.

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