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Once you complete the free online African American Matchmaking Application, we will review your information.  If selected for an interview, we will contact you.

African American Matchmaking membership is exclusive and selective. Only a handful of individuals who complete the online African American Matchmaking Application are invited to interview with African American Matchmaker, Angela D. Coleman.

18 thoughts on “Get Started

  1. I am looking for a guy that respects women, not a smoker, knows how to drink sociably, no lush. Fun guy and a guy with a reasonable sense of humor, not going extreme. He has to be hygiene mindful and handsome in his own way.

  2. Do you accept clients from the United Kingdom,if not, would you have any contact details of african american matchmakers that deal with clients abroad? Thank you Monica

  3. I am looking for a guy who is charming with a crazy sense of humor. One who can hold a conversation from TV shows to politics. A guy who knows where he is going and for the sake of a relationship wants to make his partner happy. An adventurer he wouldn’t mind going out and explore nature. He should have some sense of style and well groomed as well as tall and handsome

  4. I’m looking for a black man who is culturally educated and is actually using the information he has learned about our conditions to be inspired and encouraged.

  5. I’m looking for someone who can be a friend first. Honesty and dignity are the most important characteristics a man can possess. It is important that he doesn’t smoke or drink excessively. Must be a Christian and love family. Like to have fun and have a sense of humor. Physical pride is also important.

    • Interesting conversation here… Romeo and Kim, I suggest you submit your information if you would like to be matched with one of our African American Matchmaking members. Currently, you need to be based in the U.S. or one of its territories, plus we also look at other compatibility factors.

  6. Hi, I’m Cliffton and I’m American however I work and reside in Korea. I was born, raised and educated in the states but have grown accustomed to living abroad. I’d appreciate assistance meeting someone who’s interested in complementing my lifestyle of working, touring, and enjoying everything interesting the world offers. Albeit probable meeting someone nearer me, I relate to a sister’s profile of smart, agile, compassionate and kind at heart. I believe she’s out there going about her life content with how things are but if it’s God’s will that she unite with another she’ll accept.

    • Thank you for your inquiry. We typically respond to complete applications within 10 business days. A complete application includes all of the information requested, including a recent photo. HOWEVER, it is not unusual for us to contact past applicants to see if they are still interested based on new matchmaking developments. Applicants who have not been approved in the past can always be approved in the future, which is exciting. It is usually a good strategy to apply because the opportunity for matchmaking is always there, even if you do not hear from us immediately.

    • It depends on a number of factors: if you are approved for African American Matchmaking membership, your age and geographic region, the type of individual you are looking for… Generally, we are able to find matches within six months. I have to add this: finding a match is not the end of your relationship experience–really, it is just the beginning. I like to say that matchmaking is a marathon, not a sprint! We strive to unite members in long-term, committed relationships.

      Because African American Matchmaking is relatively new and we just started making matches in 2013, we are still looking to see which member relationships last beyond two years and result in marriage, for those who desire it.

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