Your Body Language

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Body language is a love language.  Sometimes we show more with our nonverbal communication than with words.  What is your body language saying about you?

Crossed arms=defensive, resistant

Eye contact=I am interested in what you have to say

Touching feet=flirtatious, friendly

Fast foot- or finger-tapping=nervousness, impatience

Leaning away=aversion, not wanting to participate

Side glances=distrust and suspicion

Smiling=happiness and joy


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Commitment is caring deeply about something or someone.  It is deciding carefully what you want to do, then giving 100%, holding nothing back.  You give your all to friendship, a task, or something you believe in.  You finish what you start.  You keep your promises.

You are practicing commitment when you:

*  Think before you make a promise

*  Keep every agreement you make

*  Make decisions confidently

*  Go the extra mile

*  Give 100% to everything you do

*  Are faithful to people you care about

Affirmation:  I commit to my decisions. I keep my agreements. I give my all. I am a faithful friend.

Virtues Project

Anthony & Cori

Anthony & Cori
“There is something special about my girl, and the fact that she loves me back the same way I love her is proof that true love can be found in places that you least expect it.”

Anthony tells ESSENCE about the love of his life, Cori. The pair married last fall in their hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Benefits of Membership


Based on your registration information, African American Matchmaking will invite you to apply for membership ONLY IF we believe we can match you with a loving partner.   African American Matchmaking is an exclusive matchmaking service that has the right to not approve your application or request at any time for any reason.

Benefits of African American Matchmaking membership include:

  • Inclusion in our national registry
  • Background check
  • Personal matchmaking services
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  • Date preparation
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  • Advice

Maya Angelou Says


On OWN’s Oprah Lifeclass series, Maya Angelou says:

“Love liberates…. Love saves me. And is here to save us all….  The love of one person can heal the wounds left by society.  It can raise the dead.  And make a mountain move.”

Sex & Fitness

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More motivation to get fit; 83% of people who are unhappy with their sex life also say that they are too heavy.

Source:  The Normal Bar


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Courage is bravery in the face of fear.  You do the right thing even when it is hard or scary.  When you are courageous, you don’t give up.  You try new things.  You admit your mistakes.  Courage is the strength in your heart.

You are practicing courage when you:

*   Stay strong even when you are afraid

*   Are willing to try new things

*   Admit mistakes and learn from them

*   Make amends when you do something wrong

*   Do what is right for you even when it is hard

*   Ask for help when you need it

Affirmation:  I have courage.  I listen to my heart.  I face my fears and am willing to try new things.  I have the courage to do the right thing.

Virtues Project

Source:  The Virtues Project and The Family Connection, U.S. Virgin Islands