Dramatic Events & Unbelievable Changes Of The Year 2013

BEautiful Forest Sky

Sofia Siberia says:

The things we’ve been so painfully going through for the past few months were all the effects of a massive karmic changeover of the year 2013.

The History is now.

Look back at your life and lives of the people you know – how many speedy changes and incredible events had happened just recently.

Striking number of relationships and marriages split.

Couples suddenly fell out of love with one another, as if woke up and found it all worked out.

We are no more interested in drama/manipulative affairs and are letting them go with no regret.

Why so many marriages ended and people in relationships had a sudden change of heart?

That’s because those were some karmic affairs where you were brought together not to live happily ever after, but to return each other something you owed from the past.

The person you thought you loved was just your karmic decoy, we all have to go through involvements of that kind at some point of our life.

And now that we settled accounts, it’s time to ascend to the newer kind of relations – of no drama, no emotional manipulation and no cliché expectations or power struggles.

Now we are shifting towards the trend of finding our true spiritual partners and the interest in Twin Flames reunion is intense.

In the new era of spiritual matchmaking there are no more ego things we’ll feel like proving to each other. Now we can actually feel our soulmates keener – be in a couple or not, and still love and help each other evolve and not bring each other down.

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Trustworthiness is being worthy of trust.  People can count on you to do your best, to keep your word, and to follow through on your commitments.  You do what you say you will do.  Trustworthiness is a key to success in anything you do.

You are practicing trustworthiness when you …

* Think before you  make a promise to be sure you can do it.

*  Take responsibility for remembering your commitments.

*  Keep your promises even when they become hard to do.

*  Abide by the rules even when no one is watching.

*  Let nothing stop you from keeping your word.

*  Do your best and finish what you start.

Affirmation:  I am trustworthy.  I keep my word.  I am worthy of the trust others place in me.

Source:  The Virtues Project and The Family Connection, U.S. Virgin Islands

We Need More Love in Our Communities: 10 Reasons


  1. Love helps us heal.
  2. Love relieves stress.
  3. Love lowers your blood pressure.
  4. Love helps you be more giving to others.
  5. Giving love helps you receive love.
  6. Love boosts immunity to disease.
  7. Love cures love deprivation.
  8. Love boosts confidence and self-esteem.
  9. Love increases quality of life.
  10. Love helps you live longer.

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I Ain’t Movin’


I Ain’t Movin’
Performed by Des’ree

Love is my passion, love is my friend
Love’s universal, love never ends
Then why am I faced with so much anger, so my pain?
Why should I hide? Why should I be ashamed?
Time’s much too short to be livin’, somebody else’s life
I walk with dignity, I step with pride
‘Cause I ain’t moving from my face, from my race, from my history
I ain’t movin’ from my love, my peaceful dove, means too much to me
And loving self can be so hard, honesty can be demanding
Learn to love yourself it’s a great, great feeling
When you’re down baby, I will set you free
I will be your remedy, I will be your tree
A wise man is clever, seldom ever speaks a word
A foolish man keeps talking, never is he heard, no no no no
Time’s much too short to be livin’, somebody else’s life
I walk with dignity, I step with pride
‘Cause I ain’t moving from my face, from my race, from my history
I ain’t movin’ from my love, my peaceful dove, means too much to me
And loving self can be so hard, honesty can be demanding
Learn to love yourself it’s a great, great feeling
Time’s too lonely, too lonely without words
Future voices need to be heard
Eyebrows are always older than the beards
Momma said be brave, you’ve nothing to fear and I, ooh
Time’s much too short to be livin’, somebody else’s life
I walk with dignity, I step with pride
‘Cause I ain’t moving from my face, from my race, from my history
I ain’t movin’ from my love, my peaceful dove, means too much to me
And loving self can be so hard, honesty can be demanding
Learn to love yourself it’s a great, great feeling
‘Cause I ain’t moving from my face, from my race, from my history
I ain’t movin’ from my love, my peaceful dove, means too much to me
And loving self can be so hard, honesty can be demanding
If we learn to love ourself we’ll have great, great feeling
‘Cause I ain’t movin’, I’ve been here long before
I ain’t movin’ ’cause I want more
I ain’t movin’, got my feet on the ground, hey
As far as I’m concerned, love should win the rounds, oh yeah

Top 3 Communication Tips


  1. Listen more than you speak.  Resist urges to interrupt or respond with blunt facts, brilliantly sharp wit or sarcasm.
  2. Let him/her go.  In more extreme circumstances, things can get heated.  If s/he has to leave a situation when it gets to be too much, let him/her leave.  By checking out, s/he is getting some space to think things through.  Honor this need for space.  S/he probably needs it and will be in a better position to talk later.  Note: This works both ways and both of you should give each other the same consideration, but this should be an exceptionally occurence, not a regular coping mechanism.
  3. Seek wisdom.  Whether it is from a family member, friend, or counselor:  find someone WHO DOESN’T TAKE SIDES for advice and support when things get tough.  This person may act as a helpful mediator, if needed.


Matchmaking Success


“African American Matchmaker, Angela D. Coleman, is beautiful and she makes sure her ladies are, too.  I am very pleased with the caliber of women in African American Matchmaking’s national registry.” African American Matchmaking Member

“I talked with my match for the first time last night and you were absolutely right.  She is awesome and I look forward to talking to her some more.  Thanks a lot! I will be in touch to let you know how things are going, but I have a really good feeling that things are going to go well.”  African American Matchmaking Member

“For me, it’s taking a leap of faith to do matchmaking, but so far, it’s working really well!  It’s something different, so I was apprehensive at first, and I had to give up the control a bit.  But now that I am getting to know my match, I can see how this approach works. It’s like a blind date, but not really.  Angela did the screening and reviewing for me, so there is already compatibility there.  This saves me a lot of time and aggravation.  My match is a really good guy.  We meet and cultivate our relationship in a very unique and meaningful way.  This approach definitely made sense for me.”  African American Matchmaking Member

“African American Matchmaking members:  the women are gorgeous!  They are sexy AND successful.  I wish I had known about African American Matchmaking sooner.” African American Matchmaking Member

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Top 5 Relationship Pitfalls to Avoid

Discontent Couple

Why do some relationships fail and others succeed?  These are the Top 5 Relationship Pitfalls to Avoid:

  1. Unreasonable expectations.  Our heads are often filled with romantic notions of fantasy love and not reality.  Be reasonable, knowing that real relationships are not perfect all of the time, but can be excellent and really good most of the time.
  2. Lack of self-awareness.  By increasing knowledge of self, you become clear about what you want in your partner.  Your standards, creative vision, deal-breakers, and dating behavior all demonstrate this awareness.
  3. Letting yourself be chosen instead of choosing.  Take back the power and control of your life, including your love life.  Don’t wait to be chosen or feel obligated when someone chooses you.  Empower yourself with the idea of finding and choosing your mate.
  4. Sex too soon.  If you want more than sex, go deeper mentally and wait longer.  When you think in terms of long-term commitment, you want to see if he is right for you.  The sense of urgency during this process may even go away.
  5. Thinking that you don’t have many choices.  Do not buy into the nonsense that the media projects about single Black women being unattractive, unable to get married, bitter, crazy and destined to be lonely the rest of our lives.  Or those stereotypes about unemployed, uneducated Black men with felony records and mutliple “baby mamas” on the down low.  These “facts” simply aren’t true for everyone in our community.  By believing this nonsense, you will resolve yourself to the single life or stay with someone who doesn’t live up to your standards because you are afraid that you won’t find anything better.


Consideration is a Virtue

Couple in Field

Consideration is being thoughtful of other people and their feelings.  You consider how your actions affect them.  You pay careful attention to what others like and don’t like, and do things that give them happiness.

You are practicing consideration when you …

*  Respect other people’s needs and feelings

*  Consider others’ needs as important as your own

*  Stop and think how your actions will affect people

*  Put yourself in other people’s shoes

* Give tender attention

*  Think of little things to bring others happiness

Source:  The Virtues Project and The Family Connection, U.S. Virgin Islands

5 Tips For Creating Romance


Most of us are blessed with all 5 of our senses.  Some of us even have 6!  (The sixth sense is known as an intuitive and spiritual vision or third eye.)  By simply catering to our 5 senses, we can create a night of romance and love!

  1. SMELL.  Use scents that evoke sensuality, such as jasmine, honeysuckle, and vanilla.  This can be done with incense, scented candles, body lotion, oils, cologne, and perfume.
  2. TOUCH.  Give each other massages.  It does not have to be a full-body rub-down.  It can be a foot massage, neck rub, or back massage.
  3. TASTE.   Have snacks or hors d ourves such as fruit, cheese and crackers.  You can also have wine or cocktails.
  4. HEARING.  Play soft music or even nature sounds such as a rainshower or ocean waves.
  5. SIGHT.   Keep ALL of it visually appealing:  pretty bottles, plates, glassware, clothes, food displays, and of course, yourself!

Celebrate Improvement


“To improve any situation, you must improve. To change your wife, you must change.  To change the attitude of your husband, you must change your attitude. To win more freedom, you must be more responsible, must exercise more discipline.”
Steven Covey

And when you improve, don’t forget to:
1) acknowledge, 2) reward, and 3) celebrate!

Where Are All the Good Single Black Men?


At African American Matchmaking, we don’t buy into the commonly held notion that there are no good Black men.  But just like a good Black woman is hard to find, good Black men can be hard to find, too.

Statistics are arguable a source of enlightenment.  Rather than react in fear, we can respond with strategy.  We have to be smart and being smart means being selective, screening appropriately to find a partner who is right for you.

From Best Black Dating Sites (reprinted with permission):
“Where are all the good single Black men?” can be frequently heard throughout the dating scene.  At BestBlackDatingSites.org, we decided to investigate this by the numbers and put into perspective how many quality Black male singles there really are for Black single women.

Let’s start by looking at some common criteria single Black women are looking for in a Black man, and how many Black men qualify based on those requirements.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the ratio of women to men in the U.S. is about 145 million women to roughly 139 million men.  In more manageable terms—for every 100 sistas, there are about 87 brothas.

4% of men are exclusively homosexual, compared to 2% of women.  Thus, there are NET 2% fewer straight men for every straight woman due to sexual preference.  Interesting fact:  When surveyed, the average American believes 20% of Americans are homosexuals.  Actual studies put the range between 3-12%.

70% of interracial relationships are comprised of Black men dating White women.  8.5% of Black men are married to White women.

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African American Matchmaking is #2 inTop 100

Best Black Dating Sites

Best Black Dating Sites recently published a post titled “Top 100 Family, Marriage, and Relationship Blogs for African Americans.” African American Matchmaking is listed at #2 Among the Top 100 Family, Marriage, and Relationship Blogs for African Americans. Congratulations to the team at African American Matchmaking!

Matchmaking vs. Online Dating

Some of you may confuse matchmaking with online dating and wonder, what exactly is matchmaking?  Let’s see what a matchmaker does compared to online dating sites:



Personalized matchmaking services

Self-directed profile upload and search

Personal information is confidential

Profile is public and anyone can see it

Research and recruitment for match

You do your own searches

Screening & background checks

No verification of accurate profile information

Assessments, reviews & recommendations

You do your own assessments and reviews

Matchmakers have a limited number of clients

Online sites serve millions at the same time

Advice and support for date preparation

No relationship advice or support

Advice, support and feedback for follow-up

No advice, support or feedback

Focus on long-term, committed relationships

Different focus for different individuals

Telephone and email access to a matchmaker

No telephone or email access to experts

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A Matchmaker Answers Your Questions-Part 2


Angela D. Coleman, African American Matchmaker

Inspired by your first set of questions (see A Matchmaker Answers Your Questions), I am now answering a second set of questions! 

1)  Is your database or the profiles posted online?
As you can see from our site, no photographs or other confidential information is ever shared with ANYONE and there are no public profiles.  As a representative of African American Matchmaking, your client information is confidentially guarded and nothing is made public.

African American Matchmaking is NOT an online dating site (See Matchmaking vs. Online Dating).

2) How are potential matching candidates introduced and what information is traded beforehand?
When I have a potential match, I will give him/her your contact information ONLY WITH YOUR PERMISSION.  I will encourage you to exchange further information and schedule your first date, but it is ultimately your decision.

3) Is the weekly membership fee a automatic reoccurring charge? What is the commitment or guarantee to the individual? 
Once you become an African American Matchmaking member, the weekly membership fee is an automatically recurring, nominal charge that is set up through PayPal.  No matchmaking services, including African American Matchmaking, can guarantee a match for you.

Because each person is unique, there is no “average” time for finding a match. There are so many factors that affect the matchmaking process.  We ask that you give us a minimum amount of time to try African American Matchmaking.  Many matchmaking services  require a 6-month contract.  We require significantly less time to give you an opportunity to see how the process works and give you an idea of what African American Matchmaking can do to help you meet your goal.  Realistically, most times, it takes longer than 10 weeks to find a lifelong partner.

5)   I know African American Matchmaking is still in its infancy, but what has been your success rate with matching (i.e., marriage)?   
African American Matchmaking is new.  This is why we are offering the promotion for free registration, free application process and free week of membership.  Normally, there are fees for these services. We may not have a marriage for another year or two, as most individuals looking for marriage will develop their relationship over a period of time first.  Although marriage may be the goal for many members, marriage is not the goal for each one.

7)  I understand that you have a national registry/database. Is this stating that you work with other matchmakers or where do your matches come from that are not your clients or are all matches part of African American Matchmaking?  
African American Matchmaking maintains its own databases.  Potential matches are recruited nationally for our clients and added to our national registry.

I hope that this information is helpful.  I am glad that people are asking questions and doing their due diligence.  As we proceed with African American Matchmaking membership, I am sure you will become more familiar and comfortable with the process.

Helping You Find Your Match,
Angela D. Coleman, MBA
African American Matchmaker

Love Yourself, Love Each Other

Pre-Order New Book


The second book in the Black Girls Guide book series was recently announced: How to Find & Choose the Right Man. Released just in time for the international Valentine’s Day holiday, the book can be pre-ordered with free shipping. What is the new book about? According to author and African American Matchmaker, Angela D. Coleman:

“We are all looking for stable, loving, relationships. While there are some women who claim that they love the single life, we are all social beings in an interconnected universe who often crave the love of an understanding and committed partner. This guide will show you how to use the power of choice to find and choose a man who will love, respect and cherish you.”

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