What Are You Reading?

Urban Fiction

With so many books to choose from, many of us are choosing popular “urban literature” books that are easy to read and sexually titillating.  Urban literature or “street lit” is the prominent form of African American literature today.  However, the main characters often lack empowerment and their actions involve morally questionable profanity, sex, and violence.   The characters have interesting escapades, but are unable to maintain positive relationships.  Our teenagers often love these books about romanticized, “ghetto” love.  What is the effect of street lit on your love relationships for you and your children?

We become what we imagine (see the power of creative visualization) and our relationships tend to mirror what we see and hear before us:  in movies, television, radio, and books.  This is true of all types of media:  fiction, nonfiction, animation, cable, movies, pay-per-view, comics, music, etc.

When looking for a healthy, loving, long-term relationship, we need to constantly remind ourselves what this looks like.  If this type of match is really what you seek, everything that you see, inhale, and put your energy towards needs to be about this focused goal until you accomplish it.

What are you seeing when you read your favorite erotic fiction?